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Challenges in compliance: Insufficient control and transparency without a structured approval system

Under legislation including the UK Bribery Act and Sapin II, regulators expect companies to take steps to reduce the risk of corrupt gift-giving. Auditors, law firms and consultants recommend the maintenance of registers of gifts, hospitality and conflicts of interest as best practice in compliance-oriented organizations.

Lack of transparency and traceability

Without a specialized approval system, it is often difficult to ensure transparency and traceability when accepting and granting gifts and invitations. This can lead to potential conflicts of interest and compliance violations remaining undetected. The systematic recording and review of such processes is crucial to ensure clear and verifiable documentation.

Lack of clarity in guidelines and processes

Employees need clear policies and processes regarding financial limits and other important aspects of gifts, entertainment and conflicts of interest in order to act in the best interests of the company. Without a centralized system, these policies can easily be misunderstood or disregarded, increasing the risk of compliance violations.

Inefficient approval procedures

Without automated tools and systems, approval processes for gifts and invitations can be time-consuming and inefficient. This not only slows down decision-making processes, but can also lead to delays and uncertainty, which in turn can affect the company's overall compliance strategy.

Our solution

The Approvals module for your company

Experience efficient and seamless management of approval processes with our Approvals module.

Declare gifts from anywhere

Your employees have the option of declaring gifts conveniently from their smartphones. This mobile solution simplifies the declaration process and ensures that all gifts can be reported quickly and efficiently, no matter where your employees are.

Individual approvals

Set individual approval processes and monetary limits that vary depending on the request. With this flexibility, you can ensure that every request goes through the right approval process and meets your company's specific requirements.

Automated processes

Use smart workflows and automated approvals to save time and resources. By using automated processes, you can increase efficiency and focus on more important tasks while routine requests are processed smoothly.


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As one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Europe, Hintbox is an important component of our compliance strategy. The digital platform enables us to record concerns and complaints about possible compliance violations securely and anonymously, as well as to communicate smoothly with the whistleblower in compliance with data protection regulations and to protect them in the process. Thanks to the Hintbox, we can identify potential risks at an early stage and respond appropriately.

Rewe Group

Compliance Team

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As a global automotive supplier and leading specialist for secure vehicle access and authorization systems, we at the Huf Group greatly appreciate the customizable Hintbox. With the dynamic form feature, we can also use internal fields and not only record external notes, but also completely individualize the entire case management. This allows us to optimize our processes and ensure that we meet individual requirements. The Hintbox is a customized solution that helps us to make our work easier.

Frank Kuppen

Group Compliance Officer of Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co.

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Thanks to the Hintbox, we as a child and youth welfare organization can record the concerns of children, parents and employees easily and promptly. The information can be processed confidentially and quickly, which helps us to resolve problems at an early stage and ensure the satisfaction of our employees, parents and children and young people.

Philipp Kohlmann

Risk Management | Compliance | ICS Officer - Outlaw gGmbH


We are delighted with the Hintbox. The barrier-free design of the system is a great benefit for us. It is easy to use and reliable. The cooperation with the Hintbox team, who work with us to ensure that Hintbox is accessible at all times, is particularly noteworthy. We can recommend Hintbox to anyone looking for a user-friendly and secure way to share confidential information.

Stephan Klose

Media designer


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The most frequently asked questions about the Approvals module

The Approvals module is a software solution that helps companies to efficiently manage and automate approval processes. It provides a central platform for submitting, tracking and approving gifts and applications.

The Approvals module offers a variety of features, including workflow automation, real-time notifications, role-based access control, document management and analytics to monitor process performance.

Yes, the Approvals module can be integrated into a variety of existing systems, including ERP, CRM and HR systems, to ensure a seamless flow of information and efficient processes.

The implementation of the Approval module is usually quick and easy to set up within one day.

Yes, the Approvals module provides a responsive view that allows users to approve, reject or comment on applications no matter where they are.

Yes, we offer a free trial version of the Approvals module so that you can familiarize yourself with the features and benefits of the software before you make a purchase decision.

Yes, the Approvals module uses advanced security protocols, including end-to-end encryption (EE2E) and role-based access controls, to ensure your data is protected at all times.

There is no limit to the number of users who can use the Approvals module. You can add as many users as your organization requires.

Yes, the Approvals module supports multiple languages to ensure that users in different regions can easily access and use the system.

Yes, we offer comprehensive support and training to ensure that your team can use the Approvals module effectively. Our support team is available to help you with any questions or problems.