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The lawcode Suite combines supplier management (LkSG and CSDDD), sustainability reporting (CSRD), whistleblower system and complaints systems in one platform. All important data and information is centralized and available in one ESG tool.

Lawcode Suite (Englisch)

Over 1,500 companies already rely on us

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lawcode Suite: the customized all-in-one solution

This is just a selection of the functions of the lawcode Suite

Confidential submission of information

Enable your stakeholders to submit reports anytime, anywhere via mobile devices or desktop. Our platform is designed to ensure user-friendly and secure whistleblowing on the go, helping to lower the barriers to reporting.

Customizable forms with no-code solution

Design your forms flexibly and without technical know-how. Our intuitive no-code solution allows you to react quickly to changing compliance requirements and create specific forms for different legal requirements.

Granular access rights and multilingualism

Manage access rights with precision while providing support in over 30 languages. Our system helps you engage local compliance teams and recognize and serve the diversity of global workforces.

Intuitive supplier registration

Simplify your supplier management with our user-friendly import function. Seamlessly transfer data from your purchasing system and maintain a full overview of your supply chain with our clear dashboard. Our AI supports you in determining missing data, such as the NACE code.

Detailed supplier analysis

Ensure precise compliance controls through direct access to all relevant supplier data. Our detailed single view enables effective risk assessment and facilitates compliance with legal requirements.

Individual form design

Request required information and documents, such as certificates, directly from your suppliers. Simply customize requests to your specific needs with our no-code forms.

Effective action management

Manage remedial actions centrally via our ticket system. Assign tasks, set deadlines and document progress to optimize your risk management and make your supply chain more secure.

Essence analysis

Record your IROs (impact, risk and opportunity management) and carry out the double materiality analysis. Document these IROs in a legally compliant manner in accordance with the ESRS standards.

Data acquisition

Easily record data points in accordance with ESRS standards. Interfaces allow you to import data and information from other systems into our CSRD module.

Stakeholder analysis

To gain an understanding of the context, you can carry out a stakeholder analysis. To do this, you design no-code forms and send them to your stakeholders. These responses can be evaluated and analyzed using intuitive reporting.

Complete control and compliance with the lawcode suite

Discover the power of our cloud software - lawcode Suite is your comprehensive platform for your reporting channels, effective supplier management, ESG reporting and end-to-end sustainability management. Say goodbye to scattered data and isolated systems.

Supply Chain Tool


Over 1,500 customers use lawcode Suite as a central compliance tool

See the lawcode Suite for yourself now.

As one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Europe, Hintbox is an important component of our compliance strategy. The digital platform enables us to record concerns and complaints about possible compliance violations securely and anonymously, as well as to communicate smoothly with the whistleblower in compliance with data protection regulations and to protect them in the process. Thanks to the Hintbox, we can identify potential risks at an early stage and respond appropriately.

Rewe Group

Compliance Team

Logo Rewe Group

As a global automotive supplier and leading specialist for secure vehicle access and authorization systems, we at the Huf Group greatly appreciate the customizable Hintbox. With the dynamic form feature, we can also use internal fields and not only record external notes, but also completely individualize the entire case management. This allows us to optimize our processes and ensure that we meet individual requirements. The Hintbox is a customized solution that helps us to make our work easier.

Frank Kuppen

Group Compliance Officer of Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co.

Logo Huf Group

Thanks to the Hintbox, we as a child and youth welfare organization can record the concerns of children, parents and employees easily and promptly. The information can be processed confidentially and quickly, which helps us to resolve problems at an early stage and ensure the satisfaction of our employees, parents and children and young people.

Philipp Kohlmann

Risk Management | Compliance | ICS Officer - Outlaw gGmbH


We are delighted with the Hintbox. The barrier-free design of the system is a great benefit for us. It is easy to use and reliable. The cooperation with the Hintbox team, who work with us to ensure that Hintbox is accessible at all times, is particularly noteworthy. We can recommend Hintbox to anyone looking for a user-friendly and secure way to share confidential information.

Stephan Klose

Media designer


More than 1,500 companies rely on us

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