lawcode Suite integrates the Hintbox, the simple and secure whistleblowing system, as a module

As a leading provider of digital whistleblowing systems, our software offers an efficient and simple reporting channel for compliance violations and other irregularities. Our solution is highly secure and complies with the requirements of the German Whistleblower Protection Act, the Austrian Whistleblower Protection Act and the EU Whistleblower Directive as well as the complaints procedure under the Supply Chain Due Diligence Act.

Dashboard Hintbox

Compliance challenges: lack of efficiency and security without a digital reporting channel

In today's dynamic and regulated business environment, compliance departments without digital systems face significant challenges, including insufficient anonymity and confidentiality, error-prone documentation and slow response times. These difficulties threaten the integrity and efficiency of organizations. Our digital whistleblowing system effectively addresses these critical issues and revolutionizes compliance work.

Lack of confidentiality without a digital solution

Without a specialized digital reporting channel, it is often more difficult to protect the identity of whistleblowers. This can lead to potential whistleblowers being reluctant to report violations for fear of retaliation. Ensuring anonymity and confidentiality is crucial to fostering an open reporting culture.

Insufficient documentation and tracking

The lack of a digital system can make it difficult to properly document and track reported incidents. Reports submitted in paper form or through traditional communication channels can easily be lost, overlooked or difficult to review and process in a timely manner.

Slower response times and process inefficiencies

Without automated tools and systems, response times to reports of grievances or violations can be slowed down. This impairs the compliance department's ability to respond quickly and effectively to potential risks, which in turn can put the entire organization at risk.

The solution

Our HinSchG module for your company

Simple handling and maximum security in the reporting process for your stakeholders.

Confidentiality & full disclosure of information

Our software allows whistleblowers to submit both anonymous and personalized reports, while protecting their identity through advanced encryption and anonymization techniques. This promotes a culture of openness as employees can report violations without fear of retaliation. Confidentiality is maintained through the pseudonymization and anonymization feature.

Improving documentation and tracking

The flexibility of our system makes it possible to customize the whistleblower form and create different forms for different needs. This facilitates the systematic recording and analysis of reports. Our integrated triage system automates the assessment and prioritization of cases. In addition, the dashboard provides a clear overview and status tracking of incoming cases, which simplifies administration and processing.

Acceleration of response times and process efficiency

By automating many parts of the communication, including instant acknowledgements of receipt and status updates, our system can significantly reduce response times. Compliance officers can work more efficiently and respond to reports more quickly. Support for over 30 languages and an automatic translation function facilitate communication and processing of international notices, further speeding up and simplifying processes.


Over 1,500 customers use lawcode Suite as a central compliance tool

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As one of the leading retail and tourism groups in Europe, Hintbox is an important component of our compliance strategy. The digital platform enables us to record concerns and complaints about possible compliance violations securely and anonymously, as well as to communicate smoothly with the whistleblower in compliance with data protection regulations and to protect them in the process. Thanks to the Hintbox, we can identify potential risks at an early stage and respond appropriately.

Rewe Group

Compliance Team

Logo Rewe Group

As a global automotive supplier and leading specialist for secure vehicle access and authorization systems, we at the Huf Group greatly appreciate the customizable Hintbox. With the dynamic form feature, we can also use internal fields and not only record external notes, but also completely individualize the entire case management. This allows us to optimize our processes and ensure that we meet individual requirements. The Hintbox is a customized solution that helps us to make our work easier.

Frank Kuppen

Group Compliance Officer of Huf Hülsbeck & Fürst GmbH & Co.

Logo Huf Group

Thanks to the Hintbox, we as a child and youth welfare organization can record the concerns of children, parents and employees easily and promptly. The information can be processed confidentially and quickly, which helps us to resolve problems at an early stage and ensure the satisfaction of our employees, parents and children and young people.

Philipp Kohlmann

Risk Management | Compliance | ICS Officer - Outlaw gGmbH


We are delighted with the Hintbox. The barrier-free design of the system is a great benefit for us. It is easy to use and reliable. The cooperation with the Hintbox team, who work with us to ensure that Hintbox is accessible at all times, is particularly noteworthy. We can recommend Hintbox to anyone looking for a user-friendly and secure way to share confidential information.

Stephan Klose

Media designer


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The most frequently asked questions about the HinSchG module

We have a minimum contract term of 12 months. Billing is annual and payment is made in advance.

Our software is suitable for internal and external whistleblowing. Thanks to our network of lawyers, we can provide you with a suitable ombudsperson if required.

More than 30 languages are supported by our HinSchG module. If you need a language that we do not currently support, you can contact us at any time and we will check whether we can add the language.

You can add as many case handlers as you deem necessary. The persons receive authorized access to the system as soon as they are invited by you. You can invite both internal and external persons (law firms, data protection officers, etc.).

Before you decide to purchase our HinSchG module, you should test it. Click on"Test free of charge" to receive a non-binding trial version.

Setting up our HinSchG module is not a major undertaking. However, the implementation time can vary depending on the complexity of the organization and the legal work required. With the support of our experts, the technical set-up time is around 60 minutes.

Yes, it is possible to offer our HinSchG module as a partner or reseller. As a partner, you benefit from attractive conditions and extensive support from our team. You will receive access to exclusive training, marketing materials and technical support to successfully resell the product. Together we can ensure that your customers receive the best possible solution for their whistleblowing needs.